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Greetings from the President

The Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Museum reopened on October 26,
2010 in time for the centenary of the death of the Korean independence fighter and peace activist Ahn Jung-geun.
Originally built to honor patriotism and spirits of Ahn Jung-geun,
the previous Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall has been remodeled into and reborn as a new museum after 40 years, boosted by the donation from the people and state funding.

During his short life of 32 years, Ahn dedicated himself to promoting the future and the peace of the nation by facilitating the education of the people and engaging in a movement for national debt redemption, while fighting against the Japanese agressors as the leader of the righteous army raised in the cause of justice, and finally assassinating Hirobumi Ito, Japanese statesman and the first resident-general of colonized Korea who was the chief culprit of Japanese aggression.
Until his death at a prison, Ahn Jung-geun remained a man of spirit as a true Korean. Ahn, who was well versed not only in the ideas of maintaining the peace of East Asia but also in international politics, still remains a paragon and a spiritual mentor of the Korean people who are living in contemporary times.

We have thought that it is our duty to reestablish a museum for displaying old relics and articles left by Ahn as the previous hall was outworn and smaller in size to come up with all the remains.
With the opening of a new museum, all the museum staff and executives including the president are fully devoted to developing anew this facility to a living example of inheriting Ahn’s spirit of peace and love of the nation. In order to achieve the noble goal, active participation of the people is prerequisite. 

The Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Museum located on the vicinity of the Namsan Library, a major shelter in an urban space where the people can enjoy the beauty of nature in four seasons, will always greet the visitors. It will be meaningful for you to visit the museum with family members during leisure time.
I hereby express my thanks to those who made a precious and thoughtful contribution to the reestablishment of this museum. I hope that you show more love and concerns for the operation of this museum that has been newly reestablished thanks to the support of the people. 

Thank you very much!

March 2011
Cho Dong-sung, director general

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